Know Your Beat

miCoach Heart Rate Monitor

Worn on the chest, the miCoach Heart Rate Monitor measures every beat of your workouts to keep you in the zone. When combined with the miCoach Mobile App it turns your smartphone into your own personal trainer, with real-time voice coaching and tracking features.

Always Train In The Right Zone

Your heart rate is divided into four easy-to-understand miCoach Training Zones. Choose your coach and they will help you run in the right zone throughout your run.

Track Your Performance & Improve

Take advantage of hundreds of professionally designed training plans for specific sports and your goals. miCoach will give you feedback for each run based on your zones and give you an accurate count of your calories burned.

What the HRM Measures

Heart Rate

Heart rate let’s you know just how hard your body is working. Keeping the right intensity for the right goals is vital to your training plan.

miCoach Zone

miCoach divides your heart rate training into four miCoach Zones. Voice and visual coaching helps you stay in the zone and get the most from your training.


As your heart rate is unique to you, miCoach can give you a personal and accurate calorie count for every workout.

Training Success

Find out how well you followed the coaching plan with feedback straight after the workout. miCoach will also give you tips for improving next time out.

Compatible Devices



miCoach Mobile


Technical Specs


Power Supply: Replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life: >5 months (5 x 1h workouts per week)
Weight: 19.5g (no strap)
Size: 63.0mm L x 38.0mm W x 10.5mm H
RF Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)
Effective Range: >2.5 m (dependent on receiver unit)