Train Smarter

miCoach Mobile

Take your personal trainer with you wherever you go. When running, miCoach Mobile App uses your phones in-built GPS to track your runs and gives you voice feedback from your favorite sport stars to keep you in the zone. At the gym or at home the video guidance ensures you are always getting the best out of every workout. Connect a miCoach Heart Rate Monitor or SPEED_CELL to compatible phones and you get even more detail about your workouts.

Get Coached For Every Workout

Choose your miCoach Training Plan and miCoach Mobile will guide you with voice or video coaching to make sure you are giving the right effort for every workout.

Track Your Workouts

Whether you are using the miCoach Plans or simply tracking what you do, you get detailed feedback after every workout and can track your stats over time.

Get The Right miCoach for You

miCoach Mobile is available for a wide range of phone and tablet devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. See below for the compatibility chart.

What the miCoach Mobile Measures


Using your phone’s built-in GPS miCoach measures each workout and keeps track your weekly, monthly and yearly totals. If you run indoors on a treadmill, connect the miCoach SPEED_CELL to track your distance.


Keep track of your energy expenditure. For even more accuracy use the miCoach Heart Rate Monitor with compatible mobile devices.

Heart Rate

Heart rate let’s you know just how hard your body is working. The four miCoach Zones with our voice and visual coaching keeps you in the right zone throughout your training.


When you want to focus on speed rather than intensity, the miCoach Zones can be switched to Pace. You still get the same great voice and visual guidance during the workout.

Stride Rate

Connect the miCoach SPEED_CELL to track your stride rate.

Weight Lifted

Follow your improvement at the gym. miCoach tracks your weight lifted and automatically adjusts your workouts as you get better.

Compatible Devices





miCoach Mobile