miCoach Pacer

miCoach Pacer

Whether you are losing weight or chasing a new personal best, miCoach Pacer bundle includes a heart rate monitor and stride sensor to measure your speed and effort during your runs and make sure you are getting the best from every step. The pacer syncs with miCoach training plans via your PC or Mac to give voice coaching to keep you in the zone on every workout.

Get Coached As You Run

Choose your miCoach Training Plan and the Pacer will guide you with voice coaching to make sure you are getting the most from every step of your run.

Take Your Music With You

The miCoach Pacer connects via the headphone socket of your MP3 player or phone so you can listen to your motivational beats during your workout.

Track Your Workouts

See your pace, distance and stride-rate after each workout.

What the Pacer Measures

Heart Rate

Heart rate let’s you know just how hard your body is working. The four miCoach Zones with our voice and visual coaching keeps you in the right zone throughout your training.


When you want to focus on speed rather than intensity, the miCoach Zones can be switched to Pace. You still get the same great voice and visual guidance during the workout.

Stride Rate

The miCoach Stride Sensor enables you to track your stride rate.


Use the bundled miCoach Heart Rate Monitor to keep track of your energy expenditure.

Compatible Devices

miCoach Pacer


miCoach Manager


Technical Specs


Size: 56mm x 41mm x 16.75mm

Weight: 22.9g

Attachment Method: Clips to workout apparel or MP3 holder via clip on back of unit

Audio Interface: 1/8” stereo headphone jacks (TRS connector)

Power Supply: Rechargeable 125mAh lithium polymer battery

Battery Life: 10 Hours

Workout Time: 10 Hours

Charge Time via USB: 3 Hours

Sensor Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol to Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor

RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Sensor Communication Range: < 2.5m