Heart Rate Monitor

measure workout intensity and calorie burn

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heart rate monitor

unleash your best

Accurate heart rate zone training ensures you get the most from every workout

Real‑time coaching

Sends your heart rate in-real time to the miCoach Train & Run app for voice and visual coaching to keep you in the zone so you get the most from your training.

miCoach train and run app

Pair your phone with adidas heart rate monitor get more out of every workout.

Use you phone to track your workout and get voice coaching from your favorite sports stars to keep you in the zone.

Stay motivated and on track with personalizable weekly goals.

Access 100s of free cardio, strength and flexibility training plans.

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  • RF Protocol

    Bluetooth™ Smart (Low Energy - BTLE), 2,4 GHz

  • Communication Range

    < 2.5 meters (dependent on receiver unit)

  • Battery

    User-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery

  • Battery life

    > 5 months (5 x 1h workouts per week)

  • Size

    63.0 mm x 38.0 mm x 10.5 mm

  • Weight

    19.5g (without strap)

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