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miCoach Multi-Sport App

Are you fast enough? Does your work-rate drop off too quickly? How do you stack up against others? Have you got what it takes to compete? Elite coaches and athletes monitor every aspect of on-pitch / on-court performance to answer these questions and optimize training for maximal performance gain.

Unlock Your Potential

Track, analyse and compare your in-game performance like a pro with miCoach multi-sport, the miCoach SPEED_CELL™ and the miCoach X_CELL™.

Track Your Performance & Improve

miCoach Multi-Sport does the work of a coach on the sidelines for you. By coupling it with the SPEED_CELL™ or X_CELL™, every minute of your game is visualized and your performance profiled so you can focus your training more effectively.

Reach The Top of Your Game

Get Better with daily training recommendations including animated instructions by elite coaches to help you create good training habits. They start off short to get you started and focus on improving your vertical, quickness, hustle and endurance.

What the miCoach Multi-Sport App Measures

Hustle (requires miCoach X_CELL)

All your movements combine to demonstrate how much hustle you brought to the game. Instantly see your game profile and if you had enough gas in the tank to keep the pressure on.

Vertical (requires miCoach X_CELL)

Track the height of every jump in game.

Quickness (requires miCoach X_CELL)

Are you quicker off the left or right foot?. Quickness charts your acceleration and ability to change direction.

Speed (requires miCoach Speed_CELL)

See your speed profiled for the whole game.

Distance (requires miCoach Speed_CELL)

Know how much ground your covered and at what speed.

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miCoach Multi-Sport App