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Whether on pitch, on court, in a game or in training, miCoach SPEED_CELL has you covered on every step. Worn invisibly in miCoach compatible boots or shoes (or the supplied lace clip for everything else) the SPEED_CELL captures your 360º movement so you know how long, far and how fast.

Prove You’re Fast

Speed is everything in sport. You know you’re fast, but do you know how fast? The SPEED_CELL can show you, so you can show your friends and team mates.

Sport Specific Game Analysis

How you move in each sport is different. miCoach shows you what matters. So you’ll see your high-intensity distance from the pitch, your bursts from the basketball court and rallies in tennis. You can even use the SPEED_CELL to track your running.

Reach The Top of Your Game

Get Faster. Go Further. Whatever your sport, miCoach has specific drills and training plans to improve your speed and endurance

What the SPEED_CELL Measures


See your speed profiled for the whole game.

Max. Speed

Prove you’re fast! Your max. speed is shown from every game.


Know how much ground your covered and at what speed.

Stride Rate

With the miCoach Mobile app the SPEED_CELL enables you to track your stride rate.

Compatible Devices



miCoach Multi-Sport App


Technical Specs


Power Supply: Replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life: >5 months (5 x 1h workouts per week)
Weight: In-Shoe: <9g (incl. battery)
Size In-Shoes: 35.0mm L x 24.8mm W x 8.1mm H
Size with Lace Clip: 44.8mm L x 29.2mm W x 13.5mm H
RF Protocol: Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy - BTLE)
Effective Range: >2.5m in lace position (dependent on receiver)
Data Memory Capacity: 7-8 active hours
Calibr. Speed/Dist. Accuracy: Walk 97%, Jog 98%, Run 97%