Get Explosive

miCoach X_CELL

Focus your training like a pro and bring more to every game. miCoach X_CELL measures every offensive and defensive move, providing unique insight to your form.

Detailed performance feedback from every game

Just clip miCoach X_Cell on the waistband of your shorts or wear the chest strap provided and hit the button to start recording. When the final whistle blows, send your game stats over Bluetooth to the miCoach Multi-Sport app and instantly visualize your performance.

Prove you’ve got game

Quickness, hustle and vertical separate the great from the good. Whatever position you play, whatever the sport, miCoach X_CELL tracks your acceleration, your ability to change direction, your vertical and your heart rate.

Reach The Top of Your Game

Hone you reaction time, work on your vertical explosive power and cut quicker. miCoach X_CELL Power-up Drills give you instant feedback helping you focus and improve faster.

What the X_CELL Measures


True jump height measured in CMs or In, calculated from the force you create to move your center of mass upwards.


Measured in Gs per second, quickness shows your pure acceleration as well and ability to change direction.


Every offensive and defensive move requires effort and X_Cell measures this. Play harder for longer to get a high hustle score.

Heart Rate

Worn with the included chest strap, X_Cell will record your heart rate for every second of the game. You can also use X_Cell as a heart rate monitor for coached cardio training with the miCoach Train & Run app.

Compatible Devices



miCoach Multi-Sport App


Technical Specs


Power: User-replaceable CR2031/CR2032H lithium battery
Battery Life: ~ 5 months (1 hour usage/day at 20 °C)
Weight: ~ 22 g (without strap)
Size: 66 mm x 38 mm x 14 mm
Communication Link: Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy - BTLE)
Radio Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Communication Range: < 2.5 meters (dependent on receiver unit)